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By studying or investing in Canada .. How do you prepare your file for immigration?

By studying or investing in Canada .. How do you prepare your file for immigration?
Many young people aim to emigrate to Canada because it receives thousands of immigrants annually through many opportunities such as skilled migration and skilled labor, in addition to businessmen.

Access to an integrated immigration file may need assistance from experts, Al-Jazeera Net met with Marjorie Curette, director of one of the immigration services offices approved in Canada, to clarify the conditions for submitting immigration applications to Canada, whether for those who wish to study or invest.

Conditions for submitting the study application
Correct says to Al Jazeera Net that there are general conditions that must be met in the applicant to study in Canada, including the financial ability to pay the expenses of studying in Canada, housing and living expenses, and how many people will accompany him or will he come alone without a wife or children? Does he have enough money to study, live and spend his family? And at the language level, was his diploma accepted in Canada?

Curette adds that through the consulting office, they explain this to those who wish to immigrate and the required amount. "We provide them with an approximate figure of the amount they need, which they must have before arriving in Canada," she added.

The Canadian government may require those who wish to immigrate a set of specific documents, and may differ from one country to another, and must have obtained academic acceptance from one of the Canadian universities or institutes accredited in Canada, and the acceptance must be accompanied with the application for obtaining entry to study In Canada, according to Corette.

Canadian university admission requirements
Corette explains that Canadian universities differ in their conditions from one university to another, just as Canadian provinces differ in their laws, and the applicant must know the law of the province in which he will study whether to allow him to stay and obtain residency after the end of his studies if he wants to live in Canada and stay in it Or does the district law not allow international students to remain in Canada after completing their studies?

Why reject the visa application?
Correct found that the person may be surprised that he fulfilled the conditions and presented all the documents required by the Canadian embassy or consulate, and despite that, he refused his request, because he is unaware of submitting official papers according to requirements stipulated by the Canadian government, and continued, "Therefore, it is desirable to use the immigration offices approved by the Canadian government to Guides him to the documents he needs to accompany him with the application file. "
The office should also explain to the client the rates of acceptance of his country from the files of study requests in Canada.

Entrepreneurs and immigration opportunity
The areas of investment that allow businessmen to immigrate to Canada do not require only sums of money, and this is why Curette has shown that businessmen wishing to immigrate to Canada must have strong experiences and expertise in their field of work and that they have worked in these areas for several years. They should also have a high background in business administration, a specific level of language, in addition to at least 500,000 Canadian dollars, from which they invest between 150 and 250,000 Canadian dollars as a minimum.

The immigration consultant usually communicates with the immigration applicants through communication programs such as Skype for a fee every hour, and students and ages may usually need to fill out a data form to determine the main points in his file.

How to deposit money with banks
Correct explains that depositing the necessary sums for immigration is a method that must be followed according to specific legal rules and regulations, as the applicant deposits the sums under the name of the Immigration Adviser’s office in a Canadian bank and the safety deposit box, and according to the contract no one has the authority to dispose of this money, and after the end of immigration procedures or Study The office withdraws the agreed amount for fees but does not withdraw more than that, otherwise it is subject to investigation and punished according to the law.

Do the points determine the degree of acceptance of the file?
Correct notes that through what the person collects the points required by the immigration file, we can imagine whether the file will be accepted or not, and she adds that the level of language, university degrees, and experiences, as well as age, determine this.

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