Monday, February 3, 2020

Easy ways to get a job in Germany

Easy ways to get a job in Germany
How to get a job opportunity in Germany The process is not easy, as many young people think, but in contrast, it is not impossible.
But those who want to find work in Germany must take the appropriate path for them.
First, a job search visa in Germany

This visa is the easiest way for most people looking to find employment in Germany.
You can apply for this type of visa through the German embassy or consulate in your country.
This visa allows the person applying to travel to Germany in search of a job in Germany, and you can through this visa
Staying in Germany for a period of 6 months, and German law may allow the holder of this visa to continue
With employers in Germany in order to get a job opportunity in Germany, and in the case of finding work in Germany
An employer can apply to transfer a job search visa in Germany
To establish a business in Germany, then a person can stay in Germany temporarily. ”

The documents required for a job search in Germany
Commercial registration and tax card for self-employed persons or salary items working in the public, private or government sector.
Bank statement for the last 6 months, with regular withdrawals and deposits.
The passport is valid for six months.
International medical insurance.
Fake flight booking.
My hotel reservation is fake.
A certificate from the labor office proving the profession presented to it.
Note that the profession you are applying for must be in the passport.

Secondly, studying in Germany and looking for work
It is the best way to obtain employment opportunities in Germany, but as long as you look for work in Germany
You are here looking for a temporary solution to work in Germany during your studies, because studying in Germany is an opportunity that depends on the long term
After the end of the study. You can benefit from the study visa and stay and work in Germany.
Learn this article about work requirements in Germany for foreign students
The actual benefit from studying may begin with working experience during the study period in Germany.
German law may generally allow students to work 20 hours a week
Students are allowed to work full time 40 hours a week on public holidays and public holidays in Germany.
Benefiting from work after the end of the period of study in Germany, as German law allows students who study in Germany
By staying in Germany after the end of the study period for one and a half years, during this period the student can search for work in Germany.
If the foreign student can obtain a job opportunity in Germany during his stay in Germany, he can apply to the German authorities in order to convert the study visa into a temporary work residence in Germany.

Third, the German tourist visa
If you would like to search for job opportunities in Germany, this method is easier than the previous method
To get an employment opportunity in Germany, but you must search far and prohibit the police and get away from their eyes after arriving in Germany.
If German law does not allow a person who holds a German tourist visa to work in Germany through this tourist visa.

During their stay in Germany, if a person can obtain an employment contract, he can leave Germany
He returns to Germany legally through an employer’s contract for him in Germany.
The only disadvantage that you face in this visa is the short period, which is three months because the person's opportunity to reside in Germany during the tourist visa is three months, and therefore the person does not have much opportunity to search for job opportunities in Germany.
But if the person has relatives or acquaintances in Germany, he can conduct a job interview on the ground in this period because your relatives and friends can help in advance before arriving in Germany, despite the difficulty of the matter, they can search for you for work.
Consequently, this visit is not intended to search for job opportunities in Germany from the beginning.
But to get to know the employer in Germany, face to face, until the business owner is sure


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