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Immigration to Estonia and its advantages

Immigration to Estonia and its advantages
Immigration to Estonia and its advantages Estonia .. Its capital is Tallinn and its population reaches a little more than a million and a quarter .. Its area is small and it is close to Denmark or the Netherlands .. It is bordered to the east by Russia .. It is separated by a small bay from Finland and is closest to it linguistically and culturally .. From the south Latvia .. Estonians consider their country among the list of northern Europe, not eastern Europe

Traveling to Estonia
And here the Estonian state, which is a country belonging to the European Union, migrates to Paraguay, is located in the north of Europe, near Finland, with a population of about 1.3 million people, and an area of ​​45,000 square kilometers. She opened the visa door for citizens from all over the world and with a very small amount that is registered on the government’s website, provided that a small sum of money is paid about 100 euros, equivalent to 986 Egyptian pounds, and you will get a full residency and you can extract a personal card from there if you travel .
All you have to do is invest an amount of money and travel. First, enter this site from here, then photograph your passport on the scanner and upload it to it and fill in your personal data with attach a personal photo, registration and pay the fees. After that you are considered as an electronic resident in Estonia.
The request will be sent to the police authority for review and acceptance or rejection, and most likely will be accepted and you will receive an invitation after 3 months to attend the Estonian embassy to conduct a personal interview with you.

Take advantage of the e-residence program in Estonia
Estonia, with a population of 1.3 million citizens, is one of the smallest countries in Europe, but it aspires to become one of the largest countries in the world, of course not according to the standard of size or population, but rather the largest in the category of "electronic population", a category of digital affiliation that hopes Attracting more people, especially entrepreneurs.
Two years ago Estonia launched the “e-residence” program, which allows citizens of any country to create bank accounts in Estonia and establish companies in them with certified, authenticated and digital managed signatures via the Internet. The program is the result of the digital transformation that affected the various government services in the country, a trend that it started fifteen years ago in an attempt to provide the necessary work for employees in government offices. Today Estonian citizens use their digital IDs to accomplish various tasks, from pursuing medical care records to paying taxes.

Estonia is promoting the "e-residence" program as a way for anyone to set up and run their company in the European Union to emigrate to Italy, benefit from the low costs of companies and the availability of digital infrastructure, in addition to benefiting in some cases from the low levels of tax in Estonia.
"If a company desires to work in the European Union properly in a good business climate from anywhere in the world, all you need is an electronic and computer setup," said Estonian Prime Minister Tave Roivas.
E-residence does not include obtaining Estonian citizenship and its passport, nor does it require those who have to pay taxes automatically even though the digital companies operating there that have a real address in them can take advantage of the low tax rates. The e-residence program was very popular, and about a thousand of the electronic population established seven hundred new companies, according to government statistics.

The Estonian government aspires to attract ten million e-residents by 2025, and others see this goal as exaggerated. Local officials in Estonia consider the "e-residence" program a first step on the way to a future in which countries compete to attract the best people.
Estonia is not unique in this thinking, and others follow a similar approach. For example, the electronic payment company Stripe recently launched the Atlas program, and hopes to increase the number of companies that rely on its service to accept payments. The program facilitates international Internet companies to operate in the US state of Delaware, and helps them open bank accounts and obtain guidance in managing legal transactions and taxes.

Juan Pablo Vasquez Sambier, of the IE Business School in the Spanish capital, Madrid, said that the Estonia program allows entrepreneurs from around the world to work in Europe for a small portion of the cost of living in European countries.
Among the experiences of companies founded in Estonia within the "e-residence" program is the experience of the Indian electrical engineer Arvind Kumar, who decided last year to leave his career path after thirty years of work in the steel industry in order to create a company "Kaytek Solutions" specialized in preparing Models of improving manufacturing quality and efficiency.


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