Monday, February 3, 2020

Resorting to Romania and its most important advantages

Resorting to Romania and its most important advantages
It is possible to resort to Romania without a permit through one of its neighboring countries or after obtaining a visa, and in both cases, an application for asylum can be submitted to the country and this matter takes between several months for years depending on the individual circumstances of the individual, in addition to the possibility of submitting the application for asylum orally or in writing At the authorities responsible for receiving and inspecting refugee requests, the most important of which are the Ministry of Immigration, the Border Police, or the Ministry of Justice. The asylum application must also be completed and signed by the person, and it must also be included in the personal photo and fingerprints of the asylum seeker.

Asylum in Romania
After submitting an application to the competent authorities to obtain an asylum application to the state, the authorities issue a document that provides for granting the refugee a temporary residence for a specified period to be mentioned on the asylum document itself, and in the event that the document's validity period expires, the competent authorities of the asylum seekers can extend the validity of the document by stamping it again.

Procedures for asylum to Romania
Asylum procedures in the country include two interviews at the Romanian embassy or with the competent authorities requesting asylum to ask about the following:
·         The competent authorities ask the asylum seeker for personal information (name, address, home country)

·         The authorities ask the refugee about the purpose of asylum in Romania and how to get there
·         Ensure that the asylum seeker has applied for asylum to another country, in case his fingerprints are with another European country

·         In the case of refugee fingerprints in another country, it is deported immediately in accordance with the Dublin Convention
·         The refugee is given one month to obtain approval of the asylum application
·         If the asylum application is rejected, the refugee is prohibited from entering Romania for a period of five years

Types of protection provided to refugees
There are two types of protection and each type has its own rights:
·         Subsidiary protection: The person who has sub-protection is not entitled to travel within the European countries and is not allowed to enter the European Schengen zone
·         Refugee status: A person with refugee status has the right to travel between European countries and transit to the Schengen area and European Union member states without a visa.

Resorting to Romania and the imprint of Dublin
Asylum in Romania has become a news option due to submission to the provisions of the Dublin Agreement, which worked to stop many young people from aspiring to realize their dream of reaching other countries on the European continent because of the Romanian, Bulgarian or Italian gates

Advantages of asylum to Romania
·         Romania gives refugees the right to medical care
·         Romania provides a place to live for asylum seekers and helps it obtain a work permit
·         Romania allows refugees the right to an education free of charge
·         Easy access to Romanian citizenship
·         Obtaining all financial aid for the asylum seeker and his family
·         The right to set up projects within the state
·         Romania allows refugees to own real estate on its land
·         Enjoy all the rights enjoyed by the Romanian citizen in case of legal asylum

We have talked through the article on the reasons for asylum to Romania and its most important advantages, but we recommend that you seek asylum legally to enjoy all the rights and assistance provided by the state to citizens on its lands, and honest and convincing evidence must be provided because if the opposite is proven, the refugees are deported to their home countries.


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