Monday, February 3, 2020

The easiest way to immigrate to Sweden

The easiest way to immigrate to Sweden

Study in Sweden is a good gateway
This method is directed to those who are in the prime of life and certainly, they are looking for immigration for a bright future. Through study, you can reach Sweden by legal means, and who says what I will do while I study, I can tell him you can work after your school day without a work permit and who asks what I will do after the end of the study, my dream will end, and I will tell her that your dream will not end unless you finish it and whoever asks how he finished my dream, I tell him because you could not convince the business owner to offer you a full-time job.

 After the end of your studies period, if the person who works in Sweden can while studying and can prove himself and receive an official request to stay in the place where he works or in any other workplace in Sweden the person can remain after studying on the land of Sweden formally, and every person He thinks to apply for asylum while on Swedish soil while studying, to warn because it is an unsecured move and to wait for him to finish his studies and do what I mentioned earlier.

As for people who come from countries where armed conflicts such as Syria and Iraq are often tolerated about providing asylum with a study visa, but if the person has sponsored him in Sweden to study then submitting an asylum application may harm this person, and submitting an asylum application with a study visa is not forbidden but from He applies with a study visa, his chances are often weak, and this is the experience of many people if the person does not have strong reasons and evidence, and advice for every person who came to Sweden wherever or thinking about coming to Sweden to read this topic and understand it well, because he will need every piece of information in it, and this topic It is an introduction program for expatriates New to Sweden, to get to know the lifestyle in Swedish society, and that a person has an easy opportunity and does not need to be afraid, and that they in Sweden need someone qualified to benefit the Swedish community and you can get to know some universities in Sweden by getting to know Lund University in Sweden.

Tourist visa to Sweden, then marriage to Swedish
This topic is directed at specific people, for example, those who have some money. Marriage in Sweden quickly gives you the right to reside in Sweden, but this is not an easy thing and is not guaranteed and we do not recommend it unless the marriage was for marriage and not for residency, because you can be exposed to financial extortion from this woman. You can also and always keep the Migration Agency in touch to ensure that marriage is for residency only or for love and building a family. This topic can be found before thinking about taking this step by marrying a Swedish woman to immigrate to Sweden.

Note regarding immigration to Sweden through marriage
This method is not accessible to everyone, but who can marry a Swedish woman can migrate and reside in Sweden, and advice to those who wish to take this path if you are considering marrying for the purpose of immigration only, then our advice to you is to stop, but if you are thinking about marriage to build a family then immigration to Sweden in this way is a great option.

Tourist visa to Sweden, then political or humanitarian asylum
First, you must know the difference between what is ordinary asylum and political asylum, and when you apply for asylum you must mention convincing reasons for the asylum application, for example, that you are threatened in your country and if you return you will be abused or you fear death if you return to your country and this applies to human asylum and political asylum, But whoever applies for political asylum is often a famous person or leadership in the state or a political activist or the like.

Note: Those who search for immigration to Sweden through studying should know that study expenses may be somewhat expensive and they must search for some of the scholarships offered by some universities and institutes in Sweden.

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