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Your complete guide to immigration to Germany ... from visa to nationality

Your complete guide to immigration to Germany ... from visa to nationality
If you dream of immigration, consider choosing Germany first, because it is the land of dreams and opportunities, and perhaps America and Canada can compete in offering concessions to immigrants, because Germany's economy is ranked fourth globally and the largest in Europe. It is also one of the most innovative countries in the world with more than 11 thousand patent applications each year, topping the list of the most Nobel Prize winning countries with America and Japan.

German citizens are among the most prosperous people in the world with social security programs, such as: unemployment benefits, health care, pensions, and mothers' benefits, patients, refugees and migrants for a specified period.

Germany is keen on respecting multiculturalism. Perhaps the best evidence of this is the statements of the German Minister of Education that the teachings of Islam are a source of pride for Germany, and it gives pupils and their families strength after the experience of teaching them in Westphalian schools, which became the first German state to teach the Islamic religion to Muslim students in 44 schools.

Even when extremist movements launched against the Islamization of Germany, the Germans demonstrated their hostility to these movements and went out in demonstrations against them, and their numbers exceeded four times the extremists, and government figures participated in the demonstrations opposing extremism, stressing their welcome to Muslims.

How do you pass the language barrier?
Proficiency in German is a prerequisite for your travel, and to meet the language requirement, you must master German and pass the DSH visa examination, and Deutsche Welle offers you a valuable opportunity to learn German for beginners. You can also search for the headquarters of the Goethe Institute in your country to learn and obtain a travel certificate.

To facilitate the steps, work began recently using a new application "VIDEX" to fill in the Schengen visa application data, fill out the form in English, with a copy of the instructions in Arabic, then print the form, and once the embassy receives your application, go to the required papers for its visa department.

Do you travel for work?
Find the official website of the German embassy in your country, learn about the ways to submit the visa application electronically or through telecommunications companies, and book an appointment to submit the application well in advance of your travel.

Learn the terms of your entry to Germany from your country of origin, the validity of your university certificate and the required certificates and papers, by visiting the website of the German Association for Cultural Exchange "".
Do not worry about your university degree if it is not recognized, Germany offers you the opportunity to complete the qualification through the preparatory school (Studienkollegs), and you must pass it whether you want to work or go to university to take a master’s degree
You can contact the German Federal Employment Agency to inform you about vacancies and addresses of local employment agencies. For more job searches, you can follow the Job listing website.

If you are an entrepreneur and want to invest in Germany, you can contact the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce.
And if you have the opportunity and arrived in Germany before getting a job, you can search upon your arrival, you just have to register yourself with the resident registration office, and two weeks after registration you apply for a work residence permit from the local immigration office.

You will get a temporary permit in most cases, and after 5 years have passed legally, you will get a permanent residence permit, but the circumstances may vary according to your experience. If you are a highly qualified owner, expert or specialist in your field, you will not wait 5 years, and you will get permanent residence immediately, As for teachers, professionals, cooks and athletes, they will spend the conditional 5 years, while the uneducated and simple crafts will reside only on temporary residence and have opportunities to work in child and elderly care and work in factories and farms.

Simple procedures for science students
If you are a student, you will obtain a temporary visa for the duration of the study, and it lasts for one year after graduation, which provides you with the opportunity to search for work and obtain permanent residence, and beyond this point you must follow the following steps:
Studying in German universities is almost free, but requires spending enough years of study to live for a semester.
Studieren is a university exchange, offering news and vacancies weeks before the end of the semester.

Some majors may not be able to wait, such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and veterinary medicine, and the application deadline expires 6 months before the start of the study, so you must apply early.

If you intend to study medicine in Germany, you can offer your services to work as a doctor in the German countryside of Ost Friesland for 3 years, in exchange for the government covering the full costs of your education.

If your specialty is outside the fields of medicine, you can contact directly with the international student office located at the desired university and submit applications.

How to prepare for the citizenship test?
With the increase in the number of applicants for German citizenship, the government sets simple conditions to ensure that the new citizen is fluent in the German language, while exceeding a certain number of years of residence, a condition that may vary from person to person.

The government provides a small booklet that can be easily purchased, and contains 310 questions, 300 of which are about general information about Germany and its political, social, legal, and economic system. There are 10 questions remaining for each of Germany's 16 states.

The questions include inquiries about the examiner’s opinion about hitting a wife or daughter, polygamy and respecting religions, and questions about belonging and love for Germany, such as your reaction if you know that your friend is preparing to carry out a terrorist operation.


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