Sunday, March 29, 2020

A company that exports grains and seeds is looking for employees to work with us in Canada

A company that exports grains and seeds is looking for employees to work with us in Canada

* Very competitive price per hour
* Enjoy a host of great benefits that include health, dental, retirement plan, growth opportunities and training
* Great opportunities for employees of Red Seal Millwrights or Red Seal Sheet Metal to join a modern organization

About our company:
Prince Rupert Grain Ltd. In 1985 a plant was built to improve Canada's ability to export grains and oilseeds.

We now offer the best route to Canadian grains destined for the Asian and Middle Eastern markets. With an annual export capacity in excess of 6.25 million tons, we offer the highest throughput for any grain cleaning elevator in Canada.

Our modern plant cleans the grain as quickly as possible and unloads it from rail cars, with more than 13 cars per hour. Thanks to eight freight crates and three tower-mounted loading tubes, we can load up to 4,000 tons of wheat or barley per hour.
You can imagine completing a day at work with a relaxing golf game
 Outdoors, kayaking or fishing? If that's your liking, Prince Rupert is the perfect place to set up a new career.

This friendly community of 12,000 people, with its aesthetic charm, is located in the small town, world culture, municipal facilities and diverse residents, in an ideal location on the northern coast of British Columbia.

Not far from Haida Gwaii, Ketchikan, and Alaska, Prince Rupert can be reached throughout the year by air, rail, cruise ship, ferry, or road.
Set against a visually stunning background, where the mountains meet the sea, Prince Rupert Hotel offers a unique and exciting wild experience. With enough activities and attractions to please any outdoor enthusiast, Prince Rupert is also proud of its impressive museums and thriving theatrical arts community.

About job opportunities:
We currently have opportunities for Journeyman Millwrights to join our team in Prince Rupert, BC.
To qualify for the role of Millwright, you must be a Red Seal Journeyman Millwright (with TQ and IP tickets).
You must have hydraulic and pneumatic experiment, as well as some welding experience.
As an ideal candidate for any of these roles, you must have a high degree of troubleshooting experience and possess a superior technical background, along with a desire to continue working in an industrial maintenance environment.
You must also be comfortable working independently, but also as part of a team.
Please note that these are union positions, work and transformation is required.
You will also be required to complete a medical test before employment.

About our benefits:
 A very competitive hourly price of $ 44.24 for both Millwrights and Sheet Metal workers, and you'll also get a reward with a comprehensive benefits package as per the collective agreement, which includes:
* Medical, dentistry and help outside the city's medical benefits
* Retirement plan (managed by the Federation)
* life insurance
On-the-job training with additional on-site training as required
* Growth opportunities within the company
Overtime opportunities (optional)
* Transfer assistance may be available for suitable candidates
* Up to 500 RRSP matching per year
When you join Prince Rupert Grain, you join a team that takes pride in its work and has a positive relationship with Al Ittihad while working in a great environment.

Don't miss this opportunity to boost your career with an industry leader - apply now!
For more information and to apply for this role, please click on the following link -


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